How to identify high-quality glazed tiles?

- Jun 18, 2020-

1. The density should be good. When you look at the density, you should look at the cross-section and the cross-section should be thin. Second, the sound of ceramic tiles is also a kind of porcelain, so the sound of good sound is the performance of good tiles.

2. Color, there is no color difference between good tiles on the same batch, so the effect will be better.

3. Specifications, tiles are all specifications, called modular in the building. But philosophers have said that there is nothing exactly the same in the world, and this sentence can also be used on tiles. The error of each piece is less than or equal to 1mm so that the joints can be evenly sized.

4. The glazed surface is uniform, flat, smooth, bright, and consistent. It is top quality: the surface has particles, is not smooth, the color is different, the thickness is uneven, and even the unevenness and cloudiness are inferior. In addition, glossy glazes should be crystal clear and shiny: matte glazes should be soft and comfortable.

5. The colored glaze brick body is generally made of ceramics, brownish red, and some manufacturers have changed it to semi-quality and porcelain in the past two years. It consists of two parts, a blank and a glaze. The glaze is made of several colored screen stencils on the blank in sequence and fired at high temperature. The hardness and water absorption of colored glaze tiles. The abrasion resistance is medium. The pattern is novel, the color is rich, and the pattern samples are numerous.

6. Look at the reflection phase of the object on the glazed surface: Observe the phase formed by the light or object after the glazed surface is reflected by the glazed mirror surface. The glazed tile is more complete and clearer than the ordinary ceramic phase.

7. Test the slip resistance of the glazed tile: Wet the surface of the glazed floor tile after walking in the water, and still experience a very reliable slip resistance.

8. Listen to the sound: The percussion sound is crisp and pleasant.

9. Look at the surface: The surface is smooth and has excellent gloss after 28 passes. No slagging or bulging.

10. Look at the fault: after the fracture, the fracture surface is smooth and flat, no rough, and there is no black heart in the whole body.

11. Test water absorption: The water droplets are ellipsoidal and non-wetting on the glazed tiles, and the water absorption rate is less than 0.1%.

12. Look at the pattern: The pattern is natural and realistic, the three-dimensional sense is strong and clear, and the color is uniform.

13. Measured size: small size accuracy error on four sides.