How to identify good and bad by the appearance of the toilet?

- Jun 16, 2020-

1.Glazed smooth and shiny

The glazed surface of a good quality toilet should be smooth, smooth, and non-foaming, and its color should be saturated. After inspecting the glazed surface, you should also touch the toilet's sewer. If it is rough, it will easily cause blockage in the future.

2.Tap the surface to hear the sound

The high-temperature-fired toilet has a low water absorption rate, and it is not easy to absorb sewage and generate odor. The low-to-medium toilet has a high water absorption rate, is easy to smell, and is difficult to clean. Over time, cracks and water leakage can also occur.

Test method: Tap the toilet lightly with your hand. If the sound is hoarse and not crisp and loud, there may be internal cracks or the product is not cooked.

3.Toilet weight

The average toilet weight is about 50 kg, and a good toilet is about 100 kg. Because the high-temperature toilet has a high temperature when it is fired, it reaches the level of full porcelain, so it will feel heavy in the hand.

Test method: lift the lid of the water tank with both hands to measure its weight.