How to distinguish the authenticity of stainless steel bathroom cabinet?

- Jun 12, 2020-

1. The countertop: beautiful, easy to care, impervious, firm and durable is very important.

There are stainless steel, marble, and artificial marble on the countertop. The stainless steel countertop is prone to scratches and marble is easy for sewage to enter. Due to the different technology of artificial stone countertops, the prices are also different.

2. Look at the material: choose Burmese cherry wood that is not easy to deform, hard wood, natural texture and durable.

Bathroom cabinets are relatively high-grade in terms of solid wood. According to reports, most of the signs on the market are made of solid wood bathroom cabinets, claiming that their bathroom cabinets use "oak", and many are not real oak. , Using rubber wood as oak to deceive consumers who do not know it.

3. Look at the paint: see if it is healthy, environmentally friendly, full, bright as new, and anti-aging.

The paint surface should have low viscosity characteristics, the paint film has high fullness, smooth feel, pure color, anti-aging, not easy yellowing, acid and alkali resistance, waterproof, non-cracked, and bright.

4. Look at the structure: beautiful and practical, tasteful and humane is very important.