How to choose toilet cover water parts?

- Jun 06, 2020-

Toilet covers can be divided into PP materials and urea-formaldehyde materials according to different materials. PP material appeared earlier and the cost was cheaper, but the texture was softer and not abrasion-resistant, and it easily turned yellow as the usage time increased; urea material, on the other hand, appeared later and cost more, with the advantage of being hard and durable Yellowing.

Suggestion: Urea-formaldehyde toilet lids are better than PP toilet lids in performance, which is no doubt. However, a toilet equipped with a urea-formaldehyde toilet cover on the market generally costs more than 2,000 yuan, and the selection range is less than PP. The difference between the two is not as large as expected, and the cost-effectiveness is low. Therefore, it is not necessary to influence the purchase of a toilet for the material of the toilet cover.

The water parts are located in the water tank, which plays a vital role in controlling the water intake and drainage. When you purchase a toilet, you can lift the water tank cover to look at the brand of water parts. At present, some toilets on the market use world-famous water pieces, while some use self-made water pieces, and even use unknown water pieces.

Recommendation: When purchasing a toilet, it is best to choose products that use world-renowned brand water parts, both the performance and quality of water parts are guaranteed; and some professional toilet manufacturers, because they master the core technology, use homemade water parts to reduce Cost, then this is also an option; if it is an unknown piece of water, it is best not to choose.