How to choose the right toilet

- Jun 04, 2020-

1. Drainage method: lower row or rear row

2. Observe the gloss of the toilet: Generally speaking, a toilet with a higher gloss has higher density and is easier to clean. This is because the quality of the porcelain is directly proportional to the temperature during firing, and the quality of the porcelain is also directly proportional to the length of the toilet life.

3. When selecting a toilet, observe whether the toilet glaze is uniform, whether there is color difference and obvious deformation, how glossy it is, and whether surface defects (brown eyes, spots, cracks, orange glaze, ripples, variegated, and dirty) can be strictly controlled. The well-glazed toilet is smooth, delicate and flawless, and it can be as smooth as new after repeated washing. If the glaze quality is not good, it is easy for dirt to hang on the walls of the toilet.

4. Purchasing according to the blowdown impulse.

5. The reasonable design and deformation of the toilet drainage pipe does not directly deform the toilet's drainage capacity. At present, many brands of toilets on the market are under the banner of water-saving and strong impact. When purchasing, In fact, you can make a test to determine whether the impact force is strong and the sewage is completely discharged.

6. Determine the water consumption. The water-saving toilet is less than or equal to 6 liters of water. Generally, the water storage capacity of the toilet can be adjusted. The water consumption can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the household.

7. The toilet has split and conjoined parts. Split toilets are generally small and suitable for small bathrooms. One-piece toilets have smooth lines, novel designs, and more styles to choose from.