How to choose the glaze weight

- Jun 02, 2020-

When manufacturing toilets, workers spray a layer of white glaze on their profile, which we call glaze. A good glaze profile is flat and smooth, so excrement is not easy to adhere to its profile; although potholes of glaze are not visible to the naked eye, as the number of uses increases, stains are everywhere and difficult to remove.

Suggestion: With the increasingly fierce competition in the toilet market, advertising words such as nano self-cleaning glazes and antibacterial glazes are constantly emerging. In fact, nano self-cleaning glazes are super flat glazes, while antibacterial glazes are silver ions with antibacterial effects added to the glaze. No matter what the publicity is, it depends on their wear resistance and stain resistance. We can use a whiteboard pen to perform a stain resistance test on the glaze. The easier the stain is removed, the smoother and smoother the glaze is.

When purchasing a toilet, you can also weigh the entire toilet (not including the water tank and the water stored in the curve). The heavier the toilet, the higher its density, the better the moisture content or sintering effect. Generally speaking, a toilet with a mass of over 50kg can be regarded as a high-quality toilet.

Suggestion: Many businesses now directly mark the weight of the toilet. If you buy a toilet online, you can pay attention to it. If you go to the physical store to buy a toilet, you can ask the merchant to weigh the toilet and try to choose those that have not tried water. After all, Water also has weight.