How should the solid wood bathroom cabinet be maintained?

- May 25, 2020-

1. Some cleaning supplies such as face wash and soap are often placed on the bath cabinet. The accidental outflow of detergent will cause corrosion to the solid wood bathroom cabinet. To protect the bathroom cabinet, it is best to remove it immediately or place a layer under the cleaning products cloth.

2. Avoid using other chemical composition solutions to rub and corrode the product. When cleaning solid wood bathroom cabinets, do not use a solution with chemical composition. Simple warm water can make the bathroom cabinets clean.

3. The water inlet and outlet pipes must be connected tightly when installed, and the water pipes need to be checked regularly to prevent water leakage from affecting the solid wood bathroom cabinet.

4. Regular waxing: It is best to wax solid wood bathroom cabinets every 6 to 12 months. Use paste wax to coat the solid wood bathroom cabinets, including hardware handles, cabinets, towel bars and brackets.