Grade identification of solid wood bathroom cabinet

- May 23, 2020-

1. High-grade: The materials of high-grade solid wood bathroom cabinets are generally more particular about the same tree species, and the texture of the trees must be symmetrical and the same. The surface coating of the bathroom cabinet is very bright, and the wood texture is very clear. The cabinet surface is fully polished, smooth and bright, just like the mirror surface.

2. Mid-range: The requirements for mid-range solid wood bathroom cabinets are relatively low, and the materials used are required to have similar texture, similar texture and color, and not necessarily the same tree species. The color of the cabinet surface is relatively bright, and the wood texture is relatively clear. The coating requires polishing from the front, and the side is not required.

3. Low-grade: The requirements for low-grade solid wood bathroom cabinets are very low. Generally, the colors are similar, wood is almost enough, the texture is generally not required, and the surface is not polished. The brightness is not very high.