Functions of smart toilet

- May 21, 2020-

Functions of smart toilet

1.Butt washing: special nozzle for butt cleaning sprays warm water to fully clean the buttocks;

2.Women's washing:Designed for women's daily hygiene, warm water is sprayed from women's special nozzles, and carefully washed to prevent bacterial infection;

3.Washing position adjustment:the user does not need to move his body, but can adjust the washing position forward and backward according to his body shape;

4.Mobile cleaning:The nozzle moves back and forth during cleaning to expand the cleaning range and enhance the cleaning effect;

5.Massage:The rhythm of washing water pressure changes, which plays a massage role and promotes blood circulation;

6.Warm toilet seat:computer control keeps the toilet seat at a certain temperature, even in the cold winter, you will feel warm and comfortable;

7.Temperature adjustment:adjust water temperature, seat temperature and wind temperature according to the personal preference of the user;

8.Warm air drying:Blow out comfortable warm air to make the buttocks dry and refreshed after washing; use PWM to control the temperature to provide 4 levels of warm air temperature;

9.Automatic deodorization:use cold catalyst to process odors, remove odors, and purify air;

10.Toilet seat cushioning:use the physical damping method to make the toilet cover and seat ring fall slowly to avoid impact;

11.Automatic induction: Before the human body is seated, lock the washing and drying functions to avoid false triggering.

12.Automatic flushing: After the user leaves, the toilet seat is automatically flushed with water;

13.Nozzle self-cleaning:when the nozzle is extended or retracted, a small stream of water is automatically sprayed to clean the nozzle;

14.Power saving function:according to the use period, the computer controls warm water and heating of the toilet seat to achieve power saving purposes;

15.Wireless remote control:use the remote control to easily operate various functions;

16.Safety protection:Take various safety protection measures for the power supply and heating parts of the machine to completely eliminate hidden dangers. The three-plug ground leakage protection power cord can effectively prevent damage caused by leakage.