Excellent flushing effect of wall-mounted toilet

- May 13, 2020-

The key to choosing a wall-hung toilet is to choose a powerful, high-quality hidden water tank, so that it can perform better in many aspects such as decoration style, sensory vision, flushing effect, use experience, and durability.

First, the wall-mounted toilet is equipped with powerful flush technology. They use the latest rotary flushing technology, which has excellent flushing effect in all wall-mounted toilet flushing methods. The perfect combination of geometric hedging, fluid mechanics and design ensures efficient and hygienic flushing. The flushing water forms a vortex on the horizontal surface around the toilet, and then vertically enters the sewage discharge outlet without splashing.

Secondly, it is the "innate advantage" of the hidden water tank. Because it is higher than the traditional external water tank, and has a high water storage level difference and a large physical drop, it can form a more powerful and powerful flushing effect.

Finally, it is whether the flushing technology of the water tank is powerful. The hidden water tank has its own Hydroboost technology, and the flushing performance is outstanding. It uses the water energy generated and stored in motion to start flushing, without connecting to the power grid or replacing the battery. Energy-saving, more reasonable and innovative use.