Difference between split toilets and conjoined toilets

- May 11, 2020-

Features of the one-piece toilet:the water tank and the toilet of the one-piece toilet are directly integrated into a whole. The installation angle of the one-piece toilet is simple, but the price is higher, and the length is longer than the one-piece toilet. Siamese toilets are also known as siphons. There are two types of siphons: siphon jet (light noise); siphon spiral (quick, thorough, low odor, low noise).

Features of the split toilet:The water tank and the toilet of the split toilet are separated, and the toilet needs to be linked with the water tank by bolts during installation. Split-type toilets are cheaper, have a little trouble to install, and the water tank is easily broken. The split toilet is also called in-line. It has high impulse, but it also has a lot of noise, but it is not easy to be blocked. Toilet paper can be put directly into the toilet, and there is no need to set a paper basket next to the toilet.

From the comparison of the various characteristics of the one-piece toilet and the two-piece toilet:the one-piece toilet is convenient to install, the noise is low, and the price is more expensive. The installation of the split toilet is troublesome, the price is cheaper, the water tank is easy to break, but it is not easy to block.