Daily maintenance method of stainless steel bathroom cabinet

- May 09, 2020-

1. When carrying the bathroom cabinet, it should be lifted and placed gently, not to be dragged hard; when placed, the floor is uneven, and the legs should be firm;

2. Do not place the bathroom cabinet in the sun, or place it in a dry place and place it in a place with adequate ventilation;

3. The bathroom cabinet is cracked, and it can be embedded and blocked after mixing with paint and pigment to keep it from being damaged for a long time.

A Burn marks: Scorch marks left by the fireworks on the bathroom cabinet surface. If the paint surface is burnt, you can wrap a toothpick with a fine-grained hard cloth, gently wipe the marks, and then apply a thin layer of vinegar and burn marks Can be eliminated;

B hot marks: There are white hot marks on the bathroom cabinet. Generally, you can wipe the bathroom cabinet with a damp-proof board as long as you wipe it with a cloth dampened with alcohol, toilet water, and kerosene;

C Water stains: Cover the marks on the bathroom cabinet with a damp cloth, and carefully press the wet cloth with an iron, the marks will disappear;

4. Always use a soft cloth to dust the bathroom cabinet. Before removing the dust, spray a little cleaner on the soft cloth, do not wipe it with a dry cloth;

5. Regular waxing: every 6 to 12 months, apply a layer of wax to the bathroom cabinet with paste wax:

A Remove the watermark: Use clean absorbent paper to spread on the water marks on the bathroom cabinet surface, use a heating iron to press it on it, or use toothpaste to wipe it, and then wipe it dry and wax it;

B. Remove the white marks: smear with a mixture of soot and lemon juice on the cloth, and dry it with wax;

6. Daily cleaning of bathroom cabinet: Daily cleaning of ceramic basin can be cleaned with water and detergent, soapy water, etc .;

7. Scrub treatment of ceramic basin of bathroom cabinet: The surface of the ceramic basin should be kept clean, and the dust and sand should be cleaned in time. When the surface of the ceramic basin is scratched, apply a little toothpaste on the scratch and use soft dry Wipe the cloth repeatedly and wax it to make the bathroom cabinet surface as smooth as new.