Classification of toilets

- Apr 26, 2020-

1.Split type

Features:The water tank of the toilet is designed and installed separately from the seat.

Advantages: relatively cheap, convenient transportation, and simple maintenance.

Lack: It occupies a large area and is not easy to clean up. Less change in shape, easy to leak.

Applicable family:If the product is old, if the budget is limited and the toilet style is not much, then you may choose it.


Features:Water tank and toilet seat are combined into one.

Advantages:easy installation and easy cleaning. It occupies a small area and has a variety of shapes.

Deficiencies:High production costs and higher prices than split products.

Applicable families:People are more "lazy", and friends who like to clean but don't like to scrub often like it.


Features:The water tank is embedded in the wall and can be "hanged" on the wall for use.

Advantages:save space, drain water on the same floor, and clean up very easily.

Deficiencies:The quality requirements for the water tank and toilet seat are extremely high, and the two products are purchased separately, which is more expensive.

Suitable for families:It is especially suitable for families that have moved the toilet, without raising the floor and affecting the flushing speed. Some families who like simplicity and quality of life often choose it.