Buying Glazed Tiles

- Apr 18, 2020-

1. Check:

Check whether the outer box has the factory name, site, product name, specifications, grade, quantity, trademark, date of production, and implemented standards. Check whether there is a factory certificate, whether the product is damaged, and whether the quantity and quality of the product in the box are consistent with the contents of the box.

2. Look at:

Good quality glazed tiles should be smooth, delicate, shiny and bright, matte glaze is soft and comfortable. Under sufficient natural light or fluorescent light, place the brick vertically at a distance of 1 meter, and you should not see obvious glazed defects, and the product has no color difference. The pattern of the patterned brick should be clear and without obvious defects. Good product size deviation is small, you can put a batch of products vertically on a plane to see if there is unevenness. To look at the flatness of the brick, you can lay the brick on a flat surface and observe it directly with the naked eye. The surface has no warp. The brick surface is smooth and beautiful.

3. Listen:

You can tap the ceramic tile gently, listen to its sound, and the product is of good quality. The crisp sound indicates that the brick has high density and hardness.

4. than:

Shop around, compare to intrinsic quality. Glazed tiles of the same specification and thickness have a high weight and low water absorption, and their internal quality is also good. After a certain understanding of the product, a comprehensive comparison of the brand, quality, price, service and other aspects of the product, and then determine how to buy.