Are solid wood bathroom cabinets suitable for wet bathrooms?

- Apr 14, 2020-

1. Advantages: There are many types of wood, and the properties of different types of wood are also different, such as high density of oak, solid and durable, natural materials, wear resistance, good texture, bathroom cabinets made of it have strong corrosion resistance and are not easy to absorb water . Wood comes from nature, and there is no problem of chemical pollution. The solid wood has a gentle touch and a high-grade visual sense, which fully reflects the dignity of the owner and the pursuit of home grades. The wood materials used to make the bath cabinet need to undergo many complicated waterproofing procedures and baking paint processes, and the waterproof performance is very good.

2. Disadvantages: The stability of the tree species itself is determined by the moisture content, but the wood will change the moisture content due to different environments, which will cause problems such as deformation and cracking. Solid wood bathroom cabinets are relatively expensive.

3. Moisture resistance: Different solid wood materials perform differently in the water environment. The most suitable for bathroom cabinets are oak or rubber wood such as white oak and red oak. Rubber wood is relatively cheap. The phenols contained in oak react with the wine to make the aroma and sweetness occur, and the oak can also prevent the wine from oxidizing. Rubberwood itself grows in the humid and rainy tropics, and its water and moisture resistance is very good. Although the texture is not as good as pure oak, the material is not worse than oak, and the outer lacquer can play a good protective role. As long as the solid wood bathroom cabinet paint film is handled well, moisture resistance is still okay.