Advantages of split toilets

- Apr 06, 2020-

a. The impact of split toilets is large. Although the area of the split toilets is large, the split toilets are of the in-line type. The impact is very large, and it is not likely to cause a blockage. The paper towel can be directly Put it in the toilet and flush it.

b. The price of the split toilet is cheap, because the volume of the split toilet is smaller than that of the one-piece toilet, and the head and the water tank of the split toilet are separately fired, which will be easier to produce, and The passing rate of the product from the kiln will be much higher than that of the one-piece toilet, so the cost of the split toilet will be cheaper.

c. The split toilet is more convenient for transportation and maintenance. Although the split toilet is a more traditional toilet, its water tank also needs to be fixed to the wall, and its shape is not as good as the one-piece toilet, but the split toilet is very convenient to transport. , Maintenance will be more convenient.