Advantages and disadvantages of flush toilets

- Mar 25, 2020-

Straight flush toilets use the impulse of water flow to discharge stool. Generally, the wall of the pool is steep and the water storage area is small. In this way, the hydraulic force is concentrated, and the hydraulic force falling around the toilet ring is increased, and the pollution efficiency is high.

Advantages:The flushing pipe of the flush toilet is simple,the path is short,and the diameter of the pipe is thick (usually 9 to 10 cm in diameter).It can use the gravity acceleration of the water to flush the stool,and the flushing process is short.Compared with the flushing ability,the flush toilet does not have a return bend to take a straight flush, which is easy to flush large dirt, and it is not easy to cause blockage during the flushing process.There is no need to prepare a paper basket in the bathroom.In terms of water saving,it is also better than a siphonic toilet.

Disadvantages:The biggest drawback of the flush toilet is the loud flushing sound, and because the water storage surface is small,it is prone to scaling, and the deodorization function is not as good as the siphon toilet.In addition,the flush toilet is on the market.The variety is relatively small,and the selection is not as large as the siphonic toilet.