Advanced features of smart toilets

- Mar 23, 2020-

1.One-button knob / button

In order to simplify the operation of the smart toilet, one-button buttons / knobs will now be upgraded. It only needs to be rotated to meet the daily toilet needs. The operation is very simple, and the elderly and children at home can quickly grasp it!

2.Induction flip cover

When we enter the sensing range of the smart toilet, the toilet lid will automatically open, which is a very needed function for pregnant women and elderly people at home.

3. Nozzle self-cleaning

Nozzle is our main tool when flushing. In order to avoid cross infection, it is necessary to clean the nozzle automatically before flushing.

4. Pressurized flush

The waterless tank design of smart toilets will bring about water pressure problems. To solve such problems, some smart toilets will increase the pressure of flushing function to solve the problem of ineffective flushing.

5. Prevent low temperature burns

Although the smart toilet's thermostatic seat and hot water cleaning are very intimate, there is also the possibility of burns. In order to prevent such accidents, the smart toilet has been upgraded with the function of preventing low-temperature burns to ensure moderate and safe temperature.

6. Hot and cold massage to promote bowel movements

During the flushing process, the sphincter around the anus is stimulated by cold and heat to stimulate the contraction of the sphincter around the anus to help defecation. This function is simply a gospel for patients with constipation.

7. Sterilization

The humidity of the bathroom itself will be relatively high, and bacteria will be more likely to breed. The smart toilet can be sterilized by ultraviolet rays to ensure the sanitation of the toilet.

8. Night lighting

The smart toilet comes with soft night lights, so you don’t need to turn on the lights to disturb your family when you go to the toilet at night.