7 tricks to help you solve the toilet cleaning problem

- Mar 22, 2020-

1.Clean pipes and flushing holes

Pipes and flushing holes are relatively easy to ignore when cleaning. This needs to be cleaned frequently. It is recommended to clean the filter at least once a week and the filter once a month. When cleaning, use a nylon brush with a long handle plus some soapy water and a neutral detergent to clean it.

2. Cleaning the toilet ring

In winter, many people like to install a toilet pad on the toilet ring. In fact, this is wrong. This toilet pad is the most susceptible to breeding bacteria. If you must use it, you need to clean it regularly. The toilet lid is also cleaned because The toilet lid is easily contaminated with dirt such as urine stains and feces. Sometimes after flushing, if you can still see the remnants, then you must use a toilet brush to remove them in time, otherwise macular stains are easy to form, and molds and bacteria will grow.

3.Clean the water outlet and the outside of the base

There are many small places in the toilet that can hide dirt, that is, the water outlet on the inner edge of the toilet and the outside of the base. Therefore, these places need to be carefully cleaned. When cleaning, first raise the toilet ring, and spray the interior with toilet cleaner. After a few minutes, brush thoroughly with a toilet brush. When choosing a toilet brush, it is best to choose a thin-ended brush, so that you can better clean the inner edge of the toilet and the depth of the pipe opening.

4. Cover the toilet and flush

When flushing, the bacteria will flush upwards with the flushing air, so that they will fall on other items in the bathroom, such as toothbrushes, towels and mouthwash cups, etc. When we finish flushing in the toilet, we need Make a habit of covering the toilet lid when flushing.

5. Try not to set a wastebasket in the toilet

We all put a paper basket in the toilet to hold used toilet paper. The seemingly clean layout is actually wrong! The toilet paper we used has a lot of bacteria on it, which can easily lead to a large amount of bacteria in the toilet. Breed, if you want to put a wastebasket in the toilet, then choose a wastebasket with a lid.

6. Keep the toilet brush clean

The toilet brush is used to keep the toilet clean. Every time after the dirt is cleaned, the dirt will be stained on it. Whether we see it or not, we need to flush it again. After cleaning, drain the water, spray the disinfectant solution, or soak the disinfectant solution regularly and place it in a suitable place.

7. Pay attention to regular cleaning of the glazed surface

The glazed surface of the toilet needs to be cleaned regularly. You can use soapy water or a neutral detergent. After cleaning, pay attention to dry the glazed surface. It is strictly forbidden to clean with steel brush and strong organic solution, so as not to damage the glaze of the product and erode the pipeline.