Solid Oak Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

Pursue the exquisite beauty in simple life
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Product Details

STOTA quality bathroom cabinet-quality life, the cabinet has you

Pursue the exquisite beauty in simple life


Product parameters:

Mirror cabinet


Main cabinet


Ceramic basin





STOTA board, waterproof and moisture-proof, using high-quality solid wood multilayer board

Hard and moisture-proof texture, easy to clean and no paint smell


The combination of multiple layers of solid wood, tailored for the bathroom environment, is not easy to crack and deform; the secondary material has good stability and excellent waterproof performance.


STOTA process, reaching E1 national standard

Bonus points for creating a beautiful and environmentally friendly family environment


Large storage space-meet the daily needs of a family

Reasonable storage, clean bathroom-multi-layer space design, classified storage of towels, toiletries, paper products and other objects


STOTA stereo waterproof silver mirror-clear imaging, fast fog


High temperature calcined ceramic basin, smooth and easy to clean-1280 ° fired ceramic basin, hard density, multi-layer glaze smooth and delicate, easy to clean


Silent buffer door hinges to reduce noise-while protecting the quality of the cabinet door, reduce collision noise

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