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STOTA medium-sized bathroom and household products
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Product Details

STOTA medium-sized bathroom and household products, in a quiet color, there is a pleasant and peaceful, slowly flowing


Product parameters:

Mirror cabinet


Main cabinet







Humanized storage space, reasonable partition to meet more storage needs

The mirror cabinet adopts the open storage on the right side and a design storage board, which can be taken and taken; the main cabinet storage is not commonly used, rejecting the confusion under the eye


AAA grade oak board, delicate texture, no deformation, no cracking, no mildew

Made of selected high-quality oak solid wood panels, the quality is guaranteed and you can enjoy it with confidence


Waterproof edge integrated ceramic basin, easy to clean, no cracking, splash-proof

High temperature calcined ceramic basin, the surface is easy to clean without leaving scratches.

1280 ° high temperature calcination, high temperature microcrystalline self-cleaning glaze quality, fine texture, sufficient gloss, wear resistance,

Resistant to acids and alkalis, it is as bright as new after long-term use.


High-definition float silver mirror with exquisite picture quality and attractive colors

Everything in the mirror is absolutely visible, so that your beauty can't be hidden.


Oak solid wood main cabinet-selection of high-quality solid wood panels, strong waterproof


Your storage helper-large storage, can fit the warmth of the next home


Silent hinge cushion setting-durable, giving you a small noise-free luck


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