Bathroom Sink Cabinets For Small Bathrooms

STOTA light luxury solid wood cabinet
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Product Details

STOTA light luxury solid wood cabinet, elegant and simple, enjoy the quality of life


Product parameters:

Mirror cabinet


Main cabinet


Ceramic basin





Environmental protection and health, strong waterproof

E1 level national standard


Integrated easy-to-clean ceramic washbasin

Strictly control the 1280 ° high temperature firing ceramics, the surface is uniformly layered with self-cleaning glaze, the glaze is highly smooth, it is not easy to adsorb dirt, it is easy to clean, and it is as long as new.


High-quality mirror

High-fidelity mirror surface, clear imaging, fast fogging; cosmetics, perfumes and other daily necessities can be placed on the upper layer of the storage rack.


Large capacity mirror cabinet

Optimum solid wood board, large internal space, convenient storage


Platform in front of mirror

Convenient to store things, highlighting the humanized design of Australia Star


Waterproof and moistureproof

Through the waterproof and moisture proof process, the cabinet is protected from moisture and cracking


Buffer hinge

Stainless steel damping buffer hinge, reduce noise, durable

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